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Anna Kerman is a Swedish born contemporary artist who graduated with a BA from Kent Institute of Art and Design and later received an MA from University of Arts London (2007). 

Her paintings are characterised by her thick handling of acrylic paint in a fevered and immediate manner. She often begins with undercoats of black, white or aquamarine, and topcoats of brighter colours. These layers are then scraped, pushed, and dragged, then rearranged again. She paints by instinct, although her curiosity and connection with the wild is paramount to her work. Scenes of rough weather and ocean horizons are reoccurring themes, often as a reflection of a her own search for purpose and reason. Her process tends to be manic and abstract followed by calm and stillness.  It is important to her that the work feels raw, naive and imprecise.

Kerman lives on the Isle of Wight, off the south coast of England.

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